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  1. import smtplib with open("to.txt", 'r') as f: maile = [a.strip() for a in f.readlines() if a.strip()] print(maile) gmail_user = '' gmail_password = '' sent_from = gmail_user email_text = 'tekst' try: server = smtplib.SMTP('smtp.gmail.com', 587) server.ehlo() server.starttls() server.login(gmail_user, gmail_password) for x in maile: server.sendmail(sent_from, x, email_text) except: print('Hej')
  2. import AccountAgent, DBUsers import Constants import datetime def init(webdriver): Constants.init() AccountAgent.login(webdriver) def update(webdriver): #Get start of time to calculate elapsed time later start = datetime.datetime.now() #Before the loop, check if should unfollow anyone _check_follow_list(webdriver) while True: #Start following operation AccountAgent.follow_people(webdriver) #Get the time at the end end = datetime.datetime.now() #How much time has passed? elapsed = end - start #If greater than our constant to check on #followers, check on followers if elapsed.total_seconds() >= Constants.CHECK_FOLLOWERS_EVERY: #reset the start variable to now start = datetime.datetime.now() #check on followers _check_follow_list(webdriver) def _check_follow_list(webdriver): print("Checking for users to unfollow") #get the unfollow list users = DBUsers.check_unfollow_list() #if there's anyone in the list, start unfollowing operation if len(users) > 0: AccountAgent.unfollow_people(webdriver, users)
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